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Client Spotlight: Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations


Our client spotlight for January 2019 is Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations in Albany, Oregon. This business is owned by retired police detective Glenn Fairall, who was referred to us by another one of our great clients, Insight Polygraphs.

Keeping It Clean and Simple 

Glenn wanted a website which would be very "clean" looking and serve the purpose of essentially advertising his professional services, without inundating visitors with too much information.

We ended up accomplishing these goals and just like the saying goes, "sometimes less is more." 

Lack of Photos Has Advantages 

Glenn didn't have many photos for his business, given the nature of the company and clientele. This was an excellent opportunity for us to find some high-quality stock photos, which were approved by Glenn before purchase.

In all, we used a total of 10 images to tell the story of Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations. Since we opted to go with a higher-end service, the quality of these images was excellent.

We Added Some Dynamics 

With the slight amount of words and images on the site, we wanted to find a way to keep website visitors engaged to spend more time on the site. The goal for us is to get those visitors to click on buttons and tabs, so they get deeper into the site. We did this by adding some delayed animation to the various "slide-in" or "pop-up" words and counters, as well as some spinning boxes which lead to additional information. 

I was referred to LawEnforcement.Social through a class I was attending. From the minute I contacted them, they made what I thought was going to be an overwhelming decision-making process into an extremely simple one. They took care of everything for me, and they were in constant contact with me every step of the way, and any time I had questions. This is why you pay for professionals to build your website. Highly recommended.

Glenn Fairall - Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations

How Dynamics and SEO Work Together 

Another reason for adding the dynamic features to the website was for search engine optimization reasons. You see, when people are engaged with your site and stay on it longer and visit various pages, this causes a positive effect on your SEO rankings. The search engines view it as there must be good content on the website if people are staying on it for an extended period.

Retired or Active Police Officers 

If you are a retired or active police officer with a small business, visit so you can get an idea what we can do for your business as well. 

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