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Instagram 2.0


We taught our first Instagram class on November 16, 2017, at the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department. We saw the writing on the wall, at that point we started using Instagram a lot more and slowly started to stray from our daily interactions on Facebook and other platforms. We saw as Instagram continued to come out with new features It was a tremendous success. We provide a ton of great information to help police, fire and local government agencies to up their game in the social media world. We are currently in March of 2018, just a short 5 months since that first class and there have been so many changes since then.

Location and hashtag stickers have made a huge difference for businesses. Whereas at first, you could only share Instagram Stories with your own followers, Instagram Stories are now searchable by location and hashtag, meaning that anyone can see your Instagram Stories now.

For example, if you’re posting a story of officers training for Baker to Vegas in California, you can tag Las Vegas, Nevada with a sticker, and your story might appear in that location’s Instagram Stories. The same is true for hashtag stickers. When a user tags a hashtag in their Instagram Stories, it will appear on the corresponding hashtag page.

Since its debut in December 2017, public agencies of all sizes embraced Instagram Stories Highlights — and with good reason. They’re an extremely valuable addition because they allow departments to keep curated content and showcase that content they want users to see at any time. For example, go to Montebello PD’s Instagram account and check out the “Buzzed Driving” Stories Highlights. Make sure you also check out Beverly Hills PD’s Stories Highlights, they do a great job showcasing some great highlights.

Although 2017 may have been dominated by Instagram Stories, the future looks very bright for live video. This makes plenty of sense when used correctly, Instagram Live can provide huge value for agencies. According to Instagram, the trending videos, trending due to the number of viewers, engagement, and proximity to the user’s location, also referred to as Top Live Videos, don’t need hundreds or thousands of viewers to end up in the Top Live section! It depends on a few things, for example. The time of day, your location, but it’s possible to get your broadcast into Top Live videos with under a hundred viewers. If you’re already pulling in a large viewership with your broadcasts, you can accomplish this.

What’s the moral of the story? Instagram is constantly changing, if you want your department to remain relevant, you must change with the times and stay up to date with those changes. Are you interested in getting the most recent update on Instagram? Click here for a list of our upcoming classes.  

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