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Are You a Social Media Master?

Social Media Master
Regardless if you are going to use social media as a person, or a department, you are required to do it right. Notice I wrote "required" as opposed to "you should." The reason why I wrote it that way is that I have seen too many people who think they know what they're doing on social media, only to screw it up, and then not realize the significance...
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Who Wants More Engagement?

Who Wants More Engagement
One of the top things our social media training attendees want is tips on how to get MORE ENGAGEMENT on their platforms. First things first, you can't expect to have more engagement (and subsequent reach) if: ​Your content is poor quality (photo, graphic, caption) You don't engage with others You don't post content in a way that incites a reaction ...
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Increasing Instagram Stories Engagement

More engagement = more reach. That means the more people interact and engage on your stories, the more they (and others) will see your content in the future. Remember, the content that appears in user's feed, stories and explore function is based on what Instagram thinks they want to see (algorithm). And when we talk about engaging and interacting ...
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Your #LESM Social Media Strategy for 2018 - Episode 70

In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social podcast, Tim Burrows from The Police Podcast is joining us in the studio for a special crossover episode. Tim is a retired police officer, cyber safety expert, and a social media consultant for law enforcement. After his retirement, he has made it his focus to helping government and law enforcement to c...
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Get Them To Swipe: Engaging With Instagram Galleries

Girl using mobile phone
If you don't already know this, you can add up to ten photos and videos to an Instagram post. This is great for events or incidents in which you wish to share multiple videos or photos, but don't want your feed to become overloaded with that particular incident. Law enforcement social media managers will find the Instagram gallery feature usef...
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Snapchat Series: Getting Started for Law Enforcement

Snapchat Series: Getting Started for Law Enforcement
In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, Mike and I talk about how to get started with Snapchat with your agency.    Snapchat For Law Enforcement    What's the latest? 100 mill daily users 60% users contributing daily content  9000 snaps per second Daily video views 10 billion 73% are millennials 77% are college students  Value $16 billion Why do w...
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