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Client Spotlight: Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations

Our client spotlight for January 2019 is Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations in Albany, Oregon. This business is owned by retired police detective Glenn Fairall, who was referred to us by another one of our great clients, Insight Polygraphs . Keeping It Clean and Simple  Glenn wanted a website which would be very "clean" looking and serv...

Police Website Tip: Keeping Your Viewers Engaged

There's scientific data to back up what I've been saying for the last year regarding the design of law enforcement websites and getting people actually to read them. You need to update your site or design it, for the thumb scroll. When I look at police department websites, they usually all have the same characteristics; they are from the same, out-...

Make Your Blog Image Look Good In Facebook Mobile

Make your images look better when posting from a blog to Facebook. Have you ever pasted a link of an article on your blog, into Facebook, and found the image is cut off or not fully displaying when viewing it from smartphone or device with a smaller screen? Maybe your blog auto-feeds this post to your Facebook page and it does the same thing. The solution is to create your blog's main image to be ...


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Improving Your Department's Website

A police department's website is the core of their social media program, and for some, the first impression of the department. The internet is today's yellow pages, and your website is your listing. Make sure you get noticed. You’ve all seen them, and in fact, you might have one. What I'm talking about are those police department websites which are something less than desired to look at. Many time...
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